Maintenance Tips:


Taber Multi-Finger Scratch / Mar

  • When not in operation, remove the scratch tools and place in its protective storage container. The precision cutting tips are fragile and must be handled with care
  • The scratch tools will eventually become dull through use and should be replaced on a frequent basis. A magnifier can be used to check the condition of the tool and compared to an extra tool (sold separately) reserved for standardization purposes.
  • To check the loading forces, measure directly under the scratch tip using a spring balance or equivalent.
  • The spline shaft fingers should move freely through the bearings.  To adjust, consult the maintenance section of the operating instructions titled "Spline-Shaft Finger - Adjustment".
  • To test thick samples, it is possible to raise the height of the gantry by adding spacers.  For additional information, contact an authorized Taber reseller and request part #134581.
  • The specimen platform protective guard can be replaced with part #132451.
  • The maximum inlet pressure is 150 psig. Do not exceed this.
  • It is recommended to clean and lubricate the air pressure regulator every 6 months - see operating instructions for additional details.