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Why Use Test Standards?

There are numerous reasons why you should conduct material testing.  A few are listed here:

  • Competitive Tool - Through testing, you can explore ways to differentiate your product to gain a competitive edge. The results of comparison testing may also provide data to challenge competitor claims.
  • Lower Product Costs - As part of quality and process control, regular testing will help ensure your manufacturing process is in control, thus avoiding product defects and costly warranty claims. Differences in performance can be identified when alternative products (or raw materials) are tested side-by-side. This type of testing can help with managing your supply chain.
  • Research & Development - Testing is a vital component of materials research and product improvement. When used properly, it can provide useful data for ranking material attributes.
  • Requirement for Doing Business - Many industries require a product to meet minimum acceptable standards. Testing provides the means to show your product meets or exceeds these requirements.


Standards and Specifications are a necessary tool to perform testing on a uniform and consistent basis. They represent written directions of the criteria needed for a specific product, process, test, or procedure. When adhered to, standards allow for test results to be repeatable and reproducible. Thus enabling you to make useful comparisons of test data.

Taber® Industries offers the TABER-Test Program.  Send us a product sample, and our in-house test experts will demonstrate how TABER instruments can assist you.

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