Quiet Cabinet

The typical sound level when operating a Taber® Abraser (Abrader) and its vacuum system can exceed 80dB.  Utilizing sound deadening materials, the Taber® Quiet Cabinet reduces the audible level up to 2 1/2 times (20% reduction in decibels) and provides a noise level that is comparable to a standard office environment. Additionally, it provides a convenient, dust-free workspace for the Taber Abraser (sold separately).


The upper cabinet features a hinged Plexiglas™ viewing window with sturdy aluminum frame to monitor testing. A detachable front panel permits easy transfer of the Abraser into or out of the cabinet.  The lower cabinet holds the vacuum unit and includes a built-in exhaust system (either 120V or 230V) to provide proper air circulation.  Both cabinets are constructed of laminated particleboard for added durability. 

The Quiet Cabinet is designed for on-site assembly and can be purchased as a complete unit; top half only; or bottom half only. The lower cabinet exhaust system is available for 115V or 230V (CE marked).

Taber Quiet Cabinet