Taber instruments are recognized worldwide and referenced in numerous test procedures for evaluating the quality of materials and surface finishes.  If you do not find the right product, contact us with the details of your requirements. Taber welcomes new ideas or suggestions for improvements to existing products, and continuously reviews our product offering.

Taber instruments and abrasive formulations are proprietary designs of Taber® Industries and manufactured only by our factory in the United States.  We hereby certify that Taber Industries is the sole manufacturer of the following instruments:

  • Taber V-5 Stiffness Tester (Model 150-B or 150-E)
  • Taber Grit Feeder Attachment (Model 155 or 255 or 355)
  • Taber Wheel Refacer (Model 350)
  • Taber Shear / Scratch Tester (Model 550 or 551)
  • Taber Multi-Finger Scratch / Mar Tester (Model 710)
  • Taber Sample Cutter (Model 5000)
  • Taber Rotary Platform Abraser (Model 1700 or 1750)
  • Taber Linear Abraser (Model 5750 or 5800)
  • Taber Reciprocating Abraser (Model 5900)
  • Taber Oscillating Abraser (Model 6160)

The abrasive wheels and Wearasers® are a proprietary formula comprised of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive particles embedded in a resilient or vitrified (clay) binder.  Available through authorized Taber distributors, Genuine Taber abradants can be identified by a security label found on the wheel container.