Maintenance Tips:


Taber Sample Cutter

  • To avoid damaging the sample cutter, the punch MUST be aligned perpendicular to bottom plate.  After mounting your sample material, close the top portion of the sample cutter and confirm the edges of the top and bottom castings are parallel to each other.  If your specimen thickness causes the punch to be misaligned, you may need to use different shim(s).  Contact Taber for additional assistance.
  • To replace the cutting blade, remove the protective window and loosen the screw holding the blade retainer.  Rotate the retainer so the old blade can be removed and discarded.  Insert a new blade and reposition the blade retainer.  Tighten the retainer screw and reinstall the protective window.
  • The "tail" must be used to prevent the sample cutter from falling over backwards when placing sample material in the cutter.