S-33 Sandpaper Strips


Taber Industries was recently informed by 3M, the only company to ever manufacture the sandpaper used for Taber’s S-33 Sandpaper Strips, that the P360 grade of sandpaper we have converted into S-33 strips has been discontinued. In an effort to ensure continuity of supply, all other producers of sandpaper were contacted to identify alternate sources. Unfortunately, none of the P360 grade samples we obtained tested within the acceptable range1 that defines the current S-33 (130 ±20mg weight loss on the S-34 Zinc Standardization Plate).

After exhausting our efforts to locate equivalent P360 grade sandpaper, Taber was forced to expand our evaluation to include other grades. Taber has determined 3M’s P320A grade sandpaper provides the most consistent sandpaper that offers similar characteristics to the original S-33 product. When tested on the S-34 zinc plate the average mass loss was found to be within the acceptable range of 130 ±20mg (lot tested = 129.6mg).

The current S-33 is closed coat sandpaper that consists of extra fine aluminum oxide grit, graded as 360 FEPA (P360) which has an average particle size of approximately 40,5µm (0.00159”). An “A” weight paper (grammage of 70 to 100 g/m2) is used and after applying a pressure-sensitive adhesive backer, the sandpaper is cut into strips with a width of 12,7mm and length of 160mm so it can be affixed to the periphery of the CS-0 Rubber Wheel. The new S-33 will have an average particle size approximately 46,2µm (0.00180”).

The S-33 is referenced by model number or as a possible option in the following test methods:

EN 13310; Kitchen Sinks – Functional Requirements and Test Methods
EN 14431; Vitreous and Porcelain Enamels – Characteristics of the enamel coatings applied to steel panels intended for architecture
EN 14864; Vitreous and Porcelain Enamels – Enamel coatings applied to steel for writing surfaces – Specifications
ISO 7784-1; Paints and Varnishes; Determination of Resistance to Abrasion {Part 1: Rotating Abrasive-Paper-Covered Wheel Method}
JIS H 8503; Methods of Wear Resistance for Metallic Coatings
JIS K 5600 5-8; Testing Methods for Paints {Part 5: Mechanical property of film – Section 8: Abrasion resistance (Rotating abrasive paper covered wheel method)}

No change will be made to the model number S-33, however “-1” will be added to the current part numbers to identify the difference between the P360 and P320 sandpaper. The new part numbers will be 121124-1A (100 pack) and 132495-1A (500 pack).


Should you have any questions, please contact Taber Industries.


1 EN 13310 section 5.7.4 was used to qualify and verify the suitability of the sandpaper samples.