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Shear / Scratch Tester - Test Method





ASTM C217 / C217M

Standard Test Method for Weather Resistance of Slate

This test method covers two procedures for weather resistance of slate in all outdoor installations by determining the depth of softening by shear/scratch or by hand scraping.

DIN 53 799

Decorative Laminated Sheets on Basis of  Aminoplastic Resins; Test Method


DIN 68 861-4

Furniture Surfaces: Part 4 - Behaviour at Scratches

This standard specifies a method for the evaluation of the scratch resistance of furniture surfaces and applies to the flat surfaces of all products with surface treatment, independent of material. It does not apply for treated surfaces made of leather or textiles. The test shall generally be carried out on test pieces which are of the same material with identical surface treatment of which finished furniture consists and are large enough to correspond with the test requirements. The test shall be carried out on unused surfaces. The standard specifies the most important parameters for the test/assessment and the conditions for classification of the results. During the test in accordance with this standard, scratches are produced with different weight forces which are applied to the test field with a hemispherical diamond point. The scratch resistance of the test piece is the smallest weight force which leaves a continuous scratch on the test field. The average of the three test pieces is compared with given value ranges of resistance groups and undergoes a classification. The scratch resistance of the furniture surface to be assessed is declared as resistance group.

EN 438-2

Decorative High Pressure Laminates (HPL); Sheets  Based on Thermosetting Resins; Part 2: Determination of Properties

The minimum load applied to a diamond scratching point of defined geometry, which produces a continuous surface mark visible to the naked eye, correct if necessary, is the resistance to scratching of the decorative laminated sheet under test.

EN 13310

Kitchen Sinks - Functional Requirements and Test Methods

This standard specifies the functional requirements and test methods for domestic kitchen sinks, used in residential (domestic houses, guest houses and similar) premises. This standard does not specify aesthetic and dimensional requirements. It does not apply to industrial kitchen sinks. Note: All drawings are examples only; other forms are permissible.

EN 14323

Wood-based Panels - Melamine Faced Boards for Interior Uses - Test Methods

This European Standard specifies test methods for the determination of characteristics of melamine faced boards (MFB) as defined in EN 14322.

EN 14565

Resilient Floor Coverings - Floor Coverings Based Upon Synthetic Thermoplastic Polymers - Specification

This European Standard specifies the characteristics for resilient floor coverings based upon synthetic thermoplastic polymers, supplied either in a roll or tile form.  This specification does not apply to floor coverings specified in the series EN 649 to EN 654.

EN 14688

Sanitary Appliances - Wash Basins - Functional Requirements and Test Methods

This European Standard specifies the functional requirements and test methods for wash basins for domestic purposes.

0096Z-SEC-A000 (Honda)

Quality of Coating for Interior Resin Parts

This standard specifies the method for testing the coating applied on interior resin parts and the quality of the coating film.

7710Z-SCC-9000 (Honda)

Specification for Instrument Parts (General)

This specification defines testing methods and test reports for parts applied to instrument panels.

ISO 4586-2

High-Pressure Decorative Laminates - Sheets Made from Thermosetting Resins

The test measures the ability of the decorative surface of the sheet under test to resist scratching.

ISO 15695

Vitreous and porcelain enamels - Determination of scratch resistance of enal finishes

This International Standard specifies a test method for the determination of the scratch resistance of enamel finishes. The method is based on ISO 1518:1992, Paints and varnishes - Scratch test, but is perforned at significantly higher forces.

ISO 19322 (Annex A) Resilient floor coverings - Specification for floor coverings based on thermoplastic polymers This method of test specifies a procedure to assess the appearance of scratches on resilient floor covering surfaces under laboratory conditions.

JIS K 6902

Testing Method for Laminated Thermosetting Decorative Sheets

This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the testing method for laminated thermosetting decorative sheets.

NEMA LD-3 High-Pressure Decorative Laminates This Standards Publication covers high-pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) sheets which consist of papers, fabrics, or other core materials that have been laminated at pressures of more than 5.0 MPa using thermosetting condensation resins as binders.

Terrazzo 90322-9E-1

Conductive, Synthetic Latex Terrazzo Flooring

This section covers synthetic latex terrazzo conductive flooring, complete.

TSL 2105G (Toyota)

Standard Test Methods for Seat Fabrics with Regard to items Concerning Strength and Durability

This standard covers the test methods for fabrics used mainly for automotive seat covers and interior trim materials on the assumption of the items relating to the quality of durability of seat assembly.

TSL 3610G (Toyota)

Molded Head Lining Cover Materials


UNI 9428

Furniture - Tests for Surface Finishes - Determination of Resistance to Scratching

(Translated) The present rule establishes a method to appraise the resistance all scratches.  The present norm is applied to all the superfici of furniture.  The present rule does not pertain the superfici in skin, woven spread natural and synthetic.  

NOTE: Optional accessories may be required to comply with these test standards.